SSI Advocacy on horizon

SSI/SSP Advocacy Conference Call

Today I am participating in a conference call among community leaders geared toward a potential advocacy venture at the state capital regarding improving the living status for persons living on such programs specifically as SSI/SSP. Currently persons receiving such aid are living at 97% poverty. What that means exactly, I don’t know. But what I can say from not only experience but also from the testimony of others, is that persons living such a way are not only having trouble paying bills, they are also having trouble keeping a roof over their head and food in their stomach. What this might mean to people who do not immediately draw their income from SSI is that there is understandably a notable propensity for homelessness, blight, and an increase in crime for their neighborhoods and cities. I personally do not prescribe to this type of thinking; rather we should look out for others because not all people are in bad positions because of their own wishing/doing. Circumstance sometimes gets the best of all of us. We should hold our brothers and sisters up when they are weak because we would only wish that others would do the same for us should we ourselves fall on times that are less becoming. What was accomplished during this call was to organize a team of persons that are dedicated to the upcoming venture and to set a future date to discuss logistics of a potential venture at the state level

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